begginer directx tutorial

I need a begginer's tutorial (from pure basic to more advanced) on programming direct x with delphi
i need www adresses (not books to buy) with tutorials and samples if anybody know where to find thease info please let me know

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jsextonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm sorry xtvca, I missed the Delphi part (oh yeah this is Delphi section - oops!).  That page I gave you is for C/C++.  Try this one instead:

especially check the Download section - there are many examples w/ source code.

You can reject if you want - I have never been able to find too much more out there about Delphi & Directx.  Some of the tutorials are fairly generic language-wise and you can learn more about how DirectX works in general and apply it to a specific language (Delphi) and component (there are a ton of DirectX components for Delphi out there; they all basically do the same things, but some are better than others).
xtvcaAuthor Commented:
good will to help is only that matters


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