problem with hard drive

when i boot my computer, i get a error that reads
"disk I\O error. rplace disk and then press any key"
i did not do anything to the hd nor did i change any settings. this is the first time this has happend. what can be the prob and how can i fix it?
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Gryphon031198Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a number of reasons why this error appears:

1) You left a stiffy disk in the disk drive and forgot about it...this would cause the computer to want to boot from the stiffy, and therefore give you an error.

2) The battery that makes the BIOS work went bad and the BIOS got erased.  This implies that the computer cannot "see" the hard disk drive because it doesn't know it is there.  To test this, go into the BIOS (by pressing Del or F1 on startup) go to Hard Disk Detection and let the computer autodetect the hard disk drive.  Exit the BIOS making sure that you saved the changes made.  Your system will reboot.  After this, if the error still appears, your hard disk drive might be damaged.  If the error does not appear, then the battery I mentioned earlier is flat and you need to replace it (available at your local computer shop, camera equipment shop or even drug store).  

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