When should I use Java with Lotus Notes?

I have some programming experience Notes 4.5, but with R5 I am confused as to when to use Java/Javascript as opposed to the familiar LotusScript and formulas. I would also like to know whether any applications that use Java or Javascript can run only on the web, or if they can run as traditional Notes databases.
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Using Javascript or Lotus script wouldnt really matter, coz I heard once that Lotus is thinking of removing Lotusscript in favor for JS...it was not confirmed.  From such rumour, u can see that JS is as powerful as LS.  In the mean time using Java or JS for web based applications is certainly much better than using LS and vice versa. Eventually the Domino server will generate the JS for apps running on the web, so probably in that case u can come up with a much better optimiaed code.  In common day to day apps why use JS when u can accomplish the same task in formulas in shorter time.  And u can use JS & Java in Domino apps and Notes client apps.
There is a couple of fine article in the lotus developer website:
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