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Setting up FTP account with limited access

I want to setup an FTP account for an HP UNIX system with no access to directories above its home directory.  Like an anonymous, but with a fixed ID and password.  I saw the chroot() thing in UNIX, but how do you use it.

How can I do this, any suggestions?
1 Solution
What you need is an FTP server that knows how to chroot() into the user's account (the stock HP-UX ftp server can't do this).  The most popular FTP server of this type is the WU-Archive FTP daemon.  The HP-UX Software Porting and Archive Centre has a nice swinstall package for it available at http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/hppd/hpux/Networking/FTP/wu_ftpd-2.4.2/

Once it's all setup, you need to specify the users you want to chroot() as GUEST's.  See the docs or "Managing Internet Information Services" from O'Reilly.

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