100 points to reset an INTEL 386EX

Hi guys,

I will feed 100 points to the INTEL 386EX expert which will solve this problem:
I have to reset an INTEL 386EX microcontroller via SW intructions.
The PORT92 register contains one RESET bit which acts on the CPU only, while the perhiperals are left unchanged.
How can I reset both the CPU and the peripherals via SW instructions only ( i.e. no HW reset on uP pin ) ?
The solution must be able to restart the code as if it was starting form a power-on.

Thanks all

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Having had to do what you ask in a number of designs, this is what I recommend:

Select one of the available output port lines and hook it to a simple one-shot.  I like using a 555 timer for this since you can get reasonably long pulses with small capacitors.  You need this to ensure that the RESET line stays in the reset state for the specified interval.  Take the output of the one-shot and hook it to the system reset line.  Now when you write the proper level to the I/O bit, you will generate a system reset pulse.  

The 386 family doesn't have a hardware reset function from software.

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