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hello! did any one have C source code for text editor. now i am coding a text editor so i need some references.
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bedotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
take emacs as example, which is free and most known free editor.

you will find :

How To Get GNU Software

GNU software is available by several different methods:

     Buy copies on CD-ROM from the FSF. This helps provide the funds for the GNU Project.
     Our three CD-ROM sets include source code for all GNU software, GNU compiler tools executable on ten common
     platforms, and a larger selection executable on intel-microsoft platforms.
     Get it by FTP. By FTP we provide source code for all GNU software, free of charge.
     (Please also make a donation to the FSF, if you can, to help us write more free software.)
     Get a copy from a friend.
     (Please also make a donation to the FSF, if you can, to help us maintain free software.)

and follow hypertext link ^to get it by ftp
QuarkAuthor Commented:
well I need is DOS base text editor. If anyone know where can get it please let me know or email to me. My email is lamwm@yahoo.com thanks
VERY WELL: emacs is done for several systems including DOS;

(i had it long time ago)
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