Converting an Integer to a Time

I have a time in minutes as an Integer and want to covert it into a time that will display to a grid hours and minutes.

Input :      Time in minutes = 745
Output: Time in hours and minutes = 12:25

I also want to compare this time with the current time now and if the time now is greater that the time listed then I want to set a Boolean flag as true.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to your reply
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caraf_gConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dim t As Integer
t = 745

Dim dblD As Double
dblD = t
dblD = t / 60 / 24

Dim datD As Date
datD = dblD
MsgBox Format(datD, "hh:nn")


Dim datB As Date
datB = Now
datB = datB - Int(datB)

If datB > datD Then
    'It's after 12:25
End If

StokeAuthor Commented:
Very Well Done.  Exactly what I needed.
Thank you Caraf_g
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