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UPD distibution (Delphi 3.0)

I need to distibute a delphi3.0 application that uses the UDP component that comes with delphi. But it gives an error "Exception OLeException Error in module....Class not Registerred". If im not mistaken it is because I need to ship dll(s)/OCX and register them on the target maschine.
My problem: Which Files??
1 Solution
Hi SADriver,

Look at the helpfiles of these components : eg.

Installation Process

To install your package with support for NetManage ActiveX controls on a target system, follow the procedures below.

Step1. Search for previously installed versions.

Your installation process should search for previous versions of the controls on the target machine. The purpose of this is to verify that the software you are installing is the latest.
The NetManage and Microsoft files should be found in the Windows system directory of the target machine. For Windows 95, this directory would be %windir%\system. For Windows NT, this directory would be %windir%\system32.
You can use Microsoft’s VerFindFile() function to determine if the ActiveX files exist on the target machine.

If files are found, go on to Step 2; otherwise, go to Step 3.

Step 2. Compare file versions

If step 1 found some of the NetManage files to installed already on the target machine, you will need to check the version of both the files you are installing and the files already on the machine. We suggest you replace the files on the target machine if the files you are installing are newer.
Microsoft’s VerInstallFile() function can be used to install files based on the version information. This function checks the file version and can also install the file.

If the files on the target machine are older, go to Step 3; otherwise, go to Step 4.

Step 3. Install files

As described in Step 1, the NetManage redistributable files should be installed in the Windows system directory.

Step 4. Registration

You must register the common DLL for the ActiveX controls. After this file is registered, you may register some or all of the controls, depending on your applications requirements.
To register these controls, run the following commands from your installer.

      REGSVR32 /s HTML.OCX
      REGSVR32 /s MIME.OCX
      REGSVR32 /s WCGI.OCX

You must run REGSVR32 on NMOCOD.DLL before you register any other OCX. You need not register more OCXs than those used in your control. For example, if you only used FTPCT.OCX, you only need to register NMOCOD.DLL and FTPCT.OCX.

Regards, Zif
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