Using IWebBrowser in plain C

I am trying to utilize the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX control in a plain C Win32 application. I added this control to a dialog in the VC++ 5 resource editor and threw in some calls to CoInitialize(NULL) and OleInitialize(NULL) for good luck. Whenever I try to load this dialog, it receives only the WM_DESTROY message and is not successfully opened. I'm guessing that I'm missing some obvious call to an initialization function or something to that effect. Could someone please run down the necessary steps to get an IWebBrowser control working in a dialog for a plain C application? Thanks.
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's not trivial. You need to make that dialog box an ActiveX container. A lot of work. See

ActiveX Control and Control Container Guidelines

Makings of an OCX container
What's a 'Plain C' application  ??

Do you mean to say that you have created a windows application written in 'C' instead of 'C++'.

How are you creating the Dialog in the code ??

Does the Dialog appear at all ??

PsionAuthor Commented:
PinTail: I mean that it is C and not C++, yes.  It had several dialogs that were all working fine before I tried to add the ActiveX.
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