Value of dbFlushOSCacheWrites??

Access97 question: Can anyone tell me what the numeric value of the constant dbFlushOSCacheWrites is? I cannot find the constant in my object browser, nor can I use it in a module - I get a compile error: variable not defined. Although the constant is mentioned in the MS Access 97 helpfile and I am pretty sure I used the constant before...
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dsegardConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Probably because it does not exist in ACC97. See below.

Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.
The Microsoft Access 97 Help topic "BeginTrans, CommitTrans, Rollback Methods" contains the following statements.
In the Syntax section:
In the third paragraph of the Remarks section:
   In a Microsoft Jet workspace, you can include the dbFlushOSCacheWrites constant with CommitTrans. This forces the database engine to immediately flush all updates to disk, instead of caching them temporarily.
These statements are incorrect.
The dbFlushOSCacheWrites constant was changed to dbForceOSFlush in Microsoft Access 97. Use the dbForceOSFlush constant or its numeric value, which is 1.
The dbForceOSFlush constant only works if your database resides on a Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT computer. If the database file resides on another type of server, such as Novell Netware or Banyan Vines, dbForceOSFlush does not correctly command the operating system to flush all
updates to disk.

I forgot to mention : taken from technet. Pardon Bill...

(Topic : ACC97 CommitTrans Help Topic Uses dbFlushOSCacheWrites Constant)

kulikuliAuthor Commented:
dsregards, I just made me VERY VERY HAPPY with the above information!! Thanks alot!! I've been spending some hours to find a solution to this problem.

Thanks again.

I understand what you feel - that does not explain why MS force us to respect the rules it does not respect about compatibility...

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