Exabyte upward tape compatibility

  Our reseach division has an exabyte 8505 tape
drive.   We are thinking of purchasing a second tape drive
but the 8505 is a discontinued product.   Is there an
exabyte tape drive being marketed now which could read the
tapes made by the 8505.  My sysadmin's specific question
is 'Is there a new one with upward compatibility' if that
will help.
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joolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you'll be looking for something like the Exabyte Mammoth which is listed as fully backwards compatible with the older models (112m, 160m) but can also go upto 40Gb (compressed) using the 170m AME tapes.

You should make sure that you recycle all media on a regular basis as although they do have quite a long shelf life, if they are over used they become unreadable.

bwsaulAuthor Commented:

      Is the Eliant 820si tape drive from Exabyte also fully backwards
compatible with the older models?  I know it has less capacity, but as
always, there is a factor of cost to be taken into account.

I've not had experience of this tape drive but the web site does mention that the unit is compatible with the current installed base.

Have a look at this for more info;

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