Please compare Cold Fusion and RDS

I am getting a suggestion from a contractor to develop a web database application with Cold Fusion.

I am accustomed to developing in Interdev using RDS with server-side and client-side recordsets.

What differences should I expect in the data manipulation capabilities of Cold Fusion vs. RDS.

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slokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here's a good comparison between Cold Fusion and ASP.

personally, between ASP and CF I don't see anything that CF
can't and ASP can...

Assuming that work can be accomplish in either ASP or CF,
I vote for CF cos I find the development time much faster.
If you mean ASP (which is what Interdev usually uses) VS CF, I'd say CF is easier to use and write, while ASP can do more things.
garyz31Author Commented:
"'ve done pretty well with Interdev and ASP, so I'm not that concerned with the difficulty of writing the code.  I would be interested in knowing what sorts of things I won't be able to do in CF.  I would rather find that out now before getting into a contract and purchasing the Cold Fusion Server.

garyz31Author Commented:
I greatly appreciate the information.  I did notice that the comparison was to IIS version 3 and that RDS was not mentioned.  It did give me some idea about Cold Fusion and since I know RDS, it isn't really a problem.

I have used Tango from Pervasive Technologies.  I get impression that CF is similar to Tango.  Is that correct?

I'm not sure Tango come first or CF first...
but u are quite correct in saying that Tango and CF is similiar..

though I would find the developers community and Allaire the company
behind CF seems to be in the lead for this area of the market share...

u will notice that in Allaire website..
there is announcement about Microsoft working with CF..

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