move os from one disk to another

I have win98 loaded on one hard drive. I now have a new hard drive and want to use it as my boot drive. I know all about loading the os and copying the files and making the partion active with fdisk. The only thing I don't know is how to get the registry over to the new disk.

I tried one suggestioin which did not work. It was to change my virtual memory settings on my original drive to the new one and then reboot and let the registry get stored on the new drive. And then reboot again with the new drive as the boot device. That does not work at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I do not have a back up system but if there is some way to back up my c drive (with the registry included and then restore it to my d drive that might work). Has anyone used this method? Any other methods that are known to work well?

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Weezy2KConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you said you know all about copying the files and fdisk, I won't comment on that.

I use XCOPY to move everything to the new disk, then switch the jumpers on the hard drives.

An even slicker solution was when I got a new hard drive, it came with a utility buried somewhere in the Advanced Options to make an image of the C: drive on the new drive, this was even faster than XCOPY.
Are you making the new HD your primary drive (C:)?
1. Disable the swap file temporarily
2. xcopy/e/h/k c:\*.* d:\*.*
3. Re-enable the swap file
4. Shut comp off, change jumpers, change IDE channels, etc.
5. Restart comp
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You could also pickup drive image from Powerquest. It's great little utility and it handles great disk images for this and for backups.
snapperheadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give 'em a try.

snapperheadAuthor Commented:
I'm am giving Weezy2K credit for this question simply beacuse I want it to end.

The answer is not totally aceptable. The real key to the whole thing is disabling the virtual memory setting, rebooting, and then copying everything over.

And to copy everything over, xcopy did not work, but having filemanager set to show all files, then highlighting everything on the c: drive and simply copy and paste it to d: did do the trick.

Once you make d: the boot drive, you have to go back into the settings and re-enable the virtual memory.

This worked well except for one thing. The powersave feature on my monitor now causes my pc to lock up. I diabled it and will worry about that another time.

Thanks for the info.

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