The infamous * in system.ini

Why do certain drivers in the 386Enh section of Win.ini have an * attached to them. (i.e. Device=*V86mgr).
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jstouteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The "*" in the INI file means that the driver is native to Windows 95.
tfarrellAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Virtual device drivers?
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The most probable reason for this is:

as in the example ...

in the 386Enh section of win.ini windows is directed to associate this with Device=*V86mgr

possible reasons for the "*"

1) the win.ini file won't need to be modified if the V86mgr is updated.

   ie:  aV86mgr is replaced with bV86mgr

win.ini will still use the V86mgr for this resource.

2) also, this could be so that all V86mgr file(s) will be loaded in the event there is more than one.

This is not an answer, but a probability.

All drivers in the system.ini starting with an * are internal calls. alls the other vxd's are actual files on your system directory.

tfarrellAuthor Commented:
Purpose: Specifies which virtual devices are used with Windows in 386 enhanced mode. This value can appear in two ways: either the name of a specific virtual device file, or an asterisk (*) followed immediately by the device name. The latter case refers to a virtual device that is in the WIN386.EXE file. Filenames usually include the .386 extension. Multiple device lines are required to run Windows in 386 enhanced mode.
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