TTX 1787 17in. monitor

Is there someone who have tried the TTX 1787 17 inches monitor? What is your opinion on it? Is it a good buy? What are your opinion of TTX monitors?

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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As oldfreyguy says above, you should look for Quality, Support, Service,
Warranty, etc.  TTX has all of this with a full 3 year warranty on the TTX
1787, Advantage Series. The top of the line with TTX. This is their professional
model.  This monitor has a flat screen with anti-glare, anti-static, anti-reflection,
with an INVAR shadow mask to prevent eye strain. They use a Sony
Tritron CRT, and are capapble of a maximum resolution of 1600 X 1200
non-interlaced @ 65 HZ.  The newer ones have a 0.25 Dot Pitch, and the older
ones had a 0.26 Dot Pitch.  If you are looking for a quality monitor, thsi is one
of the better ones, however they are more famous in Canada, than they are
in the U.S.A., or at least you see more of them in use in Canada.
They come with a warranty card that spells out the 3 year warranty with full
addresses and phone numbers for technical support or warranty claims.
IMHO, NEVER mail order a monitor. As that is your PRIMARY interface with the computer (along with keyboard / pointing device), you'd want a HANDS ON (or in this case, EYES ON) test of the device in question. Remember, your EYES are very important!
as649453Author Commented:
No, I'm not planning to buy it by mail order. I've seen it in a local store and it seems very fine to me. However, someone using the monitor on a regular basis may point some features or problems  not easily detectable or evaluable in store. By example, are TTX monitors durable? Are they good enough for many years or break often?

Thanks for the advice anyway!
I am not familiar with this brand, but one consideration.................... there are a billion (give or take a few) monitor assemble houses out there, some are good, most use less than good components in order to meet the price of the market.

for the extra dollars you pay, look to a known brand, QUALITY, SUPPORT, SERVICE, WARRANTY (look for a phone number to call on this monitor you are looking at................. nope)

as649453Author Commented:
Thanks to all of you for the informations!
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