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Is there any easy way to contruct distribution lists in Outlook Contacts?  Currently I'm using a Personal Address Book and the administration over head of is a concern.
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Article last modified on 12-31-1998

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Outlook 97
This article describes how you can mimic a distribution list with your
Outlook 97 Contacts.
You can create distribution lists from your Personal Address Book however,
you can mimic the behavior of a distribution list without using a Personal
Address Book. Using the sort by category feature of Outlook, you can create
a new e-mail message addressed to a group of your contacts.
Note: These procedures assume that each contact contains a valid e-mail
First, assign each contact you want in your list to a common category. For
example, you might assign all of your business contacts to the Business
category. Second, group your contacts by category. Third, drag the category
title to your Inbox. This creates a new e-mail message addressed to all of
the contacts in your chosen category.
The steps below will use Business as an example category:
Assign Contacts to a Common Category
Follow these steps to assign contacts to the Business category:
1. On the Outlook Bar, click Contacts.
2. Right-click a contact and from the context-sensitive menu, click
3. In the Available categories list, click Business to select
   it, and click OK.
4. Repeat these steps for each contact that you want in
   the Business distribution list.
Group Your Contacts by Category
Follow these steps to group your contacts by category:
1. On the Outlook Standard Toolbar, click to select one of the table
   views (Phone List, By Category, By Company, or By Location).
2. On the View menu, click Group By.
3. In the Group items by list, click to select Categories and click OK.
Create a New E-mail Message
Now that all of your contacts in the Business category are grouped
together, you can drag the title (Categories: Business) from the table view
to your Inbox. This will create a new e-mail message addressed to all of
your business contacts.
For more information about assigning categories, type "category" in the
Office Assistant, click Search, and then click "Assign items to a
category." For more information about grouping items, type "grouping" in
the Office Assistant, click Search, and then click "About groups."
For information about creating a personal distribution list using the
Personal Address Book service, type " Create a personal distribution list"
in the Office Assistant, click Search, and then click " Create a personal
distribution list"
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Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1998.

A distribution list cannot be stored in the contacts folder because it is not a contacts item.  The entries in the contracts folder can be used to create a distribution list by way of the Outlook address book.  
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