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Hi everybody,
  I have tried create web client which is using ASP.
When I'm calling 'CreateObject(e.g. ISum)' in ASP script I receive correct results. But process 'inetinfo' has kept all dlls of this component (e.g. ISum). When I close web client or timeout is finished, 'inetinfo' has still kept dlls. I must kill this process or restart PC.

Can you explain? thanks
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lamiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you use "Set obj=nothing" then you are releasing the object but there is no way to tell when the IIS will release the dll. instead of killing the process or rebooting, just go to the IIS manager and stop the services and then start them again.
inetinfo.exe is your Internet Information Server process.  When you use in-process COM objects (DLLs) in your ASP script, they must be loaded into the process asking for them (in this case inetinfo.exe).

First I would make sure that your ASP script releases the COM objects correctly (set obj = nothing) when you are done with them.

If you are doing that properly, then I am guessing that inetinfo.exe keeps the DLLs in memory to save time.  That is, you just ran a script that used the DLL, chances are high that the next person connecting to the web site will run the same script that needs the same DLL.  To save on processing time, inetinfo.exe may keep the DLL in memory so it doesn't have to re-load it a second time (or all the other times for all the other people connecting to your web site).

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