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If I have a Pentium 166MHz machine, would I see a good performance upgrade if I replaced the Pentium 166 chip with a Pentium 233MHz MMX chip and would it be worth it if the new chip costs $65.00. The chips are genuine INTEL chips. I built the system myself and have the motherboards manual so I know the new chip will work in the system I'm just not sure if it would be worth the time and money.
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marevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi you,
Pentum 233MHz MMX 1.5 faster than Pentium 166MHz and support MMX tehnology. You will play games faster and if you works with graphic applications like Photoshop or Corel Draw, they will running better and faster. But don't forget to upgrade your RAM memory - must be a 32MB or higher.
My recommendation would to just go ahead and go for a 400Mhz (or greater) Celeron.  Of course, this might require you upgrading the MB as well.  The Celeron is around $100 so the price is pretty good.

You just have to weigh the benifits you'll get out of 66 extra MHZ versus $65.  I have a 200Mhz and am realizing it is quickly becoming the "minimum required" in games and such.  I need to put together a new one and pass this one along (or setup a network).

As for the actual question :)  I'd imagine that you'd notice a small improvement in speed and such, but nothing major.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Tony B
Is that a normal Pentium 166 or a Pentium 166 MMX? The two requires different core voltages. MMX series CPUs (and other super7 cpus) require two different voltages, one "core" and one "I/O". Older mainboards can't supply two different voltages, so using an MMX CPU in an older board won't work.

Your best bet are the "OverDrive" type CPUs sold by Intel, Kingston, Evergreen, Powerleap, and such.
You are new here and you should not post comments as answers unless you KNOW for sure that is the correct answer, in this case you are so far off base passing erroronus info to people asking for help, in the future please post as comments first and if by chance that solved the problem then you can repost as the answer.
kschang is giving the correct info and you should disreguard the proposed answer and reject it

Invest your money in ram for the machine, you will benefit more from that than the cpu change.

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