X Programming from Win32

I have a large program in C++ ( not owl / mfc ) in win32 and I would like to port to X . Is there a SDK for that ? I don't want to use any tools or TCL/* other non-C++ things , just plain C++ .
Thanks .
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mrbrocoliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're looking for something that will allow
you to get the GUI part of your program to work in
Linux, try something like wxWindows:
hopefully you have considdered programming your win32 in posix style or you will have to do a lot of debuging/adapting....

what do you intend by a software development kit, if you don't want to use it's tools? the libraries? i'm sorry either you used standard functions, or you will have to port the library too.......
If you had written your program in Pascal or ObjectPascal (Delphi style), then you'd be able to help you.

Writting closs-platform applications in C/C++ ir far more complicated than using ObjectPascal.

The option I see here is you try to compile your application for 16-bit Windows and run it on Linux using Wine. That's not exactly cross-platform, but can work.

The problem in porting a Win32 application to X is mostly in the use of the GUI libraries.  The libraries used to create windows, widgets, etc in windows don't exist in X.  When you program for X there are a few GUI libraries you can choose from.  The most popular is the motif library which contains all kinds of widgets.  However the function calls to the widget creation and callbacks are very different from Win32.

I have heard of some utility that implements an interface to the Motif libraries in the form or Win32 GUI calls but I have never used it or seen it.  You might want to search the web for it.
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