Year 2000 compliant

I read if you go into settings, control, and reginal, then the date tab, if the date shows mm/dd/yy it is not ready for 2000, what I read said to change it to mm/dd//yyyy  What do you think about this?  Thanks  I have windows 98
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lrollinsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Just change it to mm/dd/yyyy and it will be ok.  We use Norton 2000 at work and this is it's solution to the problem.
There is a Y2k patch available for Win98. It can be found at the Microsoft web site. Try running a windows update.
anna77Author Commented:
Yes I have down loaded that update a few weeks ago,  yet when I went to this date tab today ,, it does only have 2 digits for the year. Thanks
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