Currently I am using Navigator 3.0 and would like to update to 4.6 and would like to put it on my second hard drive which is "D". Since the 3.0 in on the "C" drive will I be able to just update this Navigator on a seperate drive or will I have 2 Navigators?
Another question.  Yesterday I had started downloading the 4.6 with the super 128 ecription but had to cancel the download at that time.  Now when I try to download the same thing, I get an error window every time. "URL denied"  Was this because that I started it and then cancelled it?  
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majorosjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't install to the same directory you will have two copies and you can use both, but with the bookmarks you should export the bookmarks as an html file and import it in the 4.6 and it should be O.K After when you exported the bookmarks you can delete the old navigator and install the new one.
About the url denied, some company use cookies to stop you to download the same program twice. So delete the half download and empty the cache folder in tne netscape directory. If you still having a problem probably autosetup has started and already modified the registry so you should be able to find on different mirror site the same program.
If you don't install to the same directory you will have two copies. You can copy your Bookmark and E-Mail address book to the new version. Then delete (thru Add/remove programs) the old copy.

When you do this you must reset your E-mail and user info in the new version.

I suspect that they are limiting you to only one copy. Try downloading to a different folder. Create a folder on D: named New or something just as simple.

Be careful of the addressbook thing...I have had trouble when upgrading to Netscape 4.6 with my addressbook...if possible, try to export your version 3 addressbook to a text or ldif format to re-import it into the 4.6 addressbook...with 4.6 simply copying it over won't do.

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If your computer is a 486 or a Pentium below 133 with minimal Ram( below 32m), you may find it slow when using the higher version of Communicator.This uses a lot of resources as compared to Navigator 3.xx.
Before installing 4.6, make a complete backup of 3.x including ALL program files, address book, saved messages, etc. just in case.  If you install as a second copy it won't automatically import.  If you install as upgrade, it will.  If you find 4.6 too slow, you can always go back to 3.x.
One problem with the Downloading the 128-bit encryption is that there is a piece of the interrupted file in the cache.  Go to the preferences menu in netscape and delete all of the temporary internet files.  Try this, but I'm not sure.
are u from US...

for 128 bit...
it could also be that if u are not within US, then they might not allow
u to download it.. just maybe..

another possibility is that they are putting a patch to the download file..
and so temporary denied access to it...

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