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CPU Socket


What's the different in Socket 7 and Super Socket 7.
I have cyrix 166 ( overlocking to 200 ) in my system and if I want to change it to Cyrix 333 ...( can or not).

Please advised.
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The pins layout for the processors are the same, but the motherboard support for a variety of different processors is different.
The Socket 7 board was the standard before the advent of the Pentium 2, and its voltages and Bios supported:
Pentium  : up to 200
Pentium MMX  :  up to 233
Amd 5k86-Pxxx
Cyrix 6x86
The Super socket 7 was primarily designed for the second and higher generations of Non-Intel chips since Intel locked out others from the Slot 1 design. The range of voltages and the Bioses supported:
All of the above plus
The newer Cyrix--- IBM 6x86L/6X86mx/MII etc.
AMD K6,K6-2 etc.
IDT C6 90-350MHZ etc.
Also the L2 cache is larger on most Super 7 boards, and the Bus speeds can go to 100Mhz and higher.
Try an ASUS PBx for a good Super 7 board.
The Asus P5S-B or P5A-B will work well.
The difference in SuperSocket 7 and Socket 7 is SuperSocket 7 supports the "next generation" CPUs, like the AMD K6-2 and K6-3, by 1) supplying the dual voltage like MMX CPUs, and 2) support up to 100 MHz frontside bus.

Check if your mainboard can do the dual voltage CPU. If it doesn't, then no, it's just a regular Socket 7, and it won't work with a Super 7 CPU without an adaptor (which is as expensive as a new mainboard!)
Simple Socket 7 goes up to 83 Mhz core and Super socket 7 goes higher so it can handle the new processors
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