show a form in Activex::Initialize (newbie)


I have made an ActiveX using the App Wizard (without any addition).
After compilation and insertion in a VB env it shows only a circle at design time.
I would like it to show a simple form (with a button inside for instance).
I have added the form to my activex project and how do i tell the activex to show this form when the control is loaded ?
Antoine Chiarelli

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cwreaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, get access to MSDN Library somehow.  You can pay for a CD subscription, or go for free to MSDN Online -- it doesn't matter.  The MSDN Online site is at 

Next, search the Library for a KnowledgeBase article numer Q155973, titled "SAMPLE: Create an ActiveX Control with a Dialog Resource"

Download the files and read the accompanying instructions.
Hope this helps!

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