RedHat 6.0 Pop3 Server

I am running RedHat 6.0 with an Intel Etherexpress 16 network card. I cannot get my pop3 server to work. I only want to use the normal pop3d but when i uncomment the pop-3 part of 'inetd.conf' and check to make sure pop3 is enabled in /etc/services it still doesn't work.

I connect to the port fine, but the pop3d deamon does not seem to comeup (no little welcome message) and after a couple of seconds the connection times out. I cannot issue any commands or anything either.

Any ideas?

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jtgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked to make sure the pop3 daemon is where inetd is looking for it? Does it have the corect permissions. I have downloaded and installed qpopper on mine for the same reason and it works a treat.

In answer to what is different, the biggest difference causing problems like this is the upgrade of the glibc environment. to correct this you can either mess you whole system up with lots of dirty links all over the place, or download a new source file, and recompile in the new environment.

It could be your network card.What kind of network are you connected to ? It's either that or it's your settings. I can't elaborate much more than that. Based on your info.
moustachioAuthor Commented:
I'm testing this on a stand-alone. I am using an Intel EtherExpress 16. The weird things is that the pop3d server DOES work with slackware which i tried the other day when redhat's didn't. I can't figure out what is different in redhat. It did, however, like I said, work on SL\lackware with the same netconfig so it chouldn't be my hardware\.

Any other ideas? Do you use Redhat 6.0?
moustachioAuthor Commented:
Thanks was looking in the wrong place :) I tried qpopper before but with problems because of shadow md5 and i couldn't get -dauth to work on the configure file. anyway, thanks!
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