Continued CD-ROM problems

I believe my CD-ROM drive is bad. Many experts helped me with this before but the question disappeared. I went on a trip for 6 weeks and now I am back and the question is gone. What I really want to know is whatdo all the letters and numbers say?
"An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C143738E in VxD CDVSD(01) + 0000197E.  This was called from 0028:C182D6F8 in VxD scsi1hlp(03) + 00000508.  It may be possible to continue normally."  The computer hangs quite frequently with this message but I can often recover to the desktop. Sometimes after such event, the CD drive will be inaccessable. Dew_assoc. I would really like to pick this back up if you remember but I welcome all suggestions.    
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SJH, it sounds as though the prom chip in that CD-ROM drive has gone bad. When you look in device manager and see that everything appears to be working, it is just that the "driver" is working, not necessarily the physical hardware. When you crashed, that's a positive indicator that the drive is bad, especially when added to the earlier error codes you posted.
exception OE will appared when your hardware I/O
become problem in meaning of your cd error it
contain that your cd-rom can't read data from cd-disk
and or interrupt while reading.
That's okay SJH, since you weren't responding to the posts, I figured you may have had a serious problem or family matter and had the site remove the question and return your points.

Okay, to pickup where we were, I had agreed with you that the drive was propably bad, but there were a few things you need to check. Before getting to that, here's what those errors mean:
An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C143EADA in VXD CDVSD(01) + 00001CFA. This was called from 0028:C18413E8 in VXD voltrack(04)+ 00000A18. It may be possible to continue normally.
This behavior can occur when you start your computer if a CD-ROM is not in the
DVD drive or when a CD-ROM is ejected from the DVD drive if you are using a
third-party Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) miniport driver.
An incorrect calldown method is used if an IOS VSD is installed between the CDVSD
and SCSIPORT layers and the DVD CD-ROM supports Group 2 timeout commands.

This specific message, "This was called from 0028:C182D6F8 in VxD scsi1hlp(03) + 00000508" usually comes from a file or group of files not properly upgraded from Windows 95 to Win98.

Since I no longer have my notes on this problem, is your cd rom drive an IDE or SCSI CD-ROM drive?

If it's SCSI, I would try changing the drivers first before changing the drive.

If it's IDE, I would do the following:

1. Rename your config.sys to config.old, and rename your autoexec.bat to autoexec.old.

2. Next, go into device manager, scroll down to the cd rom drive, expand it and click remove.

3.Next, shut the computer down and unplug the ribbon cable from the back of the cd rom drive.

4. Restart the computer, but don't boot into windows, holf the Ctrl key down or tap the F8 key and boot to a Command prompt. Now change directories to \Windows\Command and run SCANREG/FIX.

5. After scanreg, reboot the system and make sure that there are no errors and that no cd rom drive appears in the device manager.

6. If all is okay, shut the machine down and re-attach the cable to the cd-rom drive and start the machine.

If it works fine, it was a combination registry problem and driver, if not, then the drive went bad.

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sjh5569Author Commented:
Thanks DEW, you are awesome!!!!!!
Before I go down the suggested road, does it matter that the error codes that you list are not the same as the ones I typed? For instance I have never seen anything about "voltrack".
This is a Pioneer IDE CD ROM. My computer never had Windows 95 on it and there was no upgrade. If you recall, I also have NT on this box and am using IBM Boot Manager with partition magic.
If at step #5 in your list I should encouter "errors" what might they be and what would I do?
Okay sjh, (and thanks) Let's work through your post.

<<Before I go down the suggested road, does it matter that the error codes that you list are not the same as the ones I typed? For instance I have never seen anything about "voltrack".>>

Very early on, voltrack surfaced with this same error in 95, but when 98 change the kernel structure and the DLL files, it became scsi1hlp(03). This normally occurs on systems that **do not have scsi interfaces and drives** but do have IDE CD ROM drives as Win98 cannot recognize the prom inside the cd rom (scsi cd rom drives don't have them), thereby returning this error.

""This is a Pioneer IDE CD ROM. My computer never had Windows 95 on it and there was no upgrade. If you recall, I also have NT on this box and am using IBM Boot Manager with partition magic. ""

The prom in the cd rom drive probably went south, but this will confirm it as well as cleaning out irrelevant registry entries. If it is the drive, then repeat the above process before installing the new cd rom drive, as it will clear the way for the atapi recognition.

<<If at step #5 in your list I should encounter "errors" what might they be and what would I do?>>

Right now your system can't recognize this drive on the IDE Bus and is trying to resolve it as a possibly scsi or removable device. Once you clear these device entries, Win98 will repeat the recognition process which may throw an device error during boot. Just bypass it, repeat the above process and leave the cd rom drive out until you can replace it.

sjh5569Author Commented:
Dew, so far it is working but I would like to test it some more.
Okay, take your time. If it's remains stable and works, then you can accept this. If not, reject it and we'll go on.
sjh5569Author Commented:
Alright, it went down same as always. I was typing a URL in IE and it went down but due to the fact that I was typing so fast I couldnt read the blue screen error message because I had already "pressed any key" to return to windows. At this point I could see only a black screen and the cursor. I recovered windows through "crtl-alt-del" and canceling end task to get back to the desktop. At this time I double clicked "my computer" and then the cd drive. When I double click the cd drive Icon the drive spins up but windows displays a message: "Error a device attached to the system is not functioning" The device manager claims that the cd drive is functioning properly.

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Thanks MD!
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