Can't start a VB program on Windows '98

I have developed a VB application (using Setup) and have sent it to a user. For some reason, once he starts the application, he gets Run-time Error 7 'Out of memory'.

The user has two computers, one Pentium 2  266 MHz, another Pentium 2 450 MHz, with lots of memory and free disk space. Both run Windows '98.

The program was already tried on many computers, including a 486DX with 16 MB memory and Windows 98, and there were no problems.

I have built the application both in VB5 and VB6, and it doesn't make any difference.

Any ideas?
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idoreyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The users who suffer the failure need to set their keymap to the same as the one on the original develpoment machine, OR, more practical, you need to develop the app to allow for the difference in keymaps.

The out of memory rubbish is just windows getting upset because it cannot load all of the info it needs to display the form. In this case a keymap/font etc.
If they both run the same copy of windows 98, maybe they should try and install a different version of it. Like Windows 98 SE
Just in case you haven't looked up the RTE 7 in help, here's the text on it. Hopefully something in here will ring a bell :

Out of memory (Error 7)

More memory was required than is available, or a 64K segment boundary was encountered. This error has the following causes and solutions:

You have too many applications, documents, or source files open.
Close any unnecessary applications, documents, or source files that are open.

You have amodule orprocedure that's too large.
Break large modules or procedures into smaller ones. This doesn't save memory, but it can prevent hitting 64K segment boundaries.

You are running Microsoft Windows in standard mode.
Restart Microsoft Windows in enhanced mode.

You are running Microsoft Windows in enhanced mode, but have run out of virtual memory.
Increase virtual memory by freeing some disk space, or at least ensure that some space is available.

You have terminate-and-stay-resident programs running.
Eliminate terminate-and-stay-resident programs.

You have many device drivers loaded.
Eliminate unnecessary device drivers.

You have run out of space for Publicvariables.
Reduce the number of Public variables.

For additional information, select the item in question and press F1

karnovskAuthor Commented:
To BabyFace: sorry, what is W98 SE?

To vettranger: Yes I know all that stuff, but it looks irrelevant: they have lots of memory and disk space and let Windows manage the virtual memory.

Additional Detail:

I have developed the program on Hebrew-enabled Windows. It runs without problems in Israel and the U.S. But the user who get that Error 7 lives in Holland. Maybe the problem is related to their version of Windows?

karnovskAuthor Commented:
idorey: Thanks for your answer. It is very persuasive. I would appreciate it very much if you could also tell me where to find info about keymaps and about developing application for different keymaps.
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