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I went to a website that lets you make custom graphics for your webpage. I was wondering what all is involved in setting up my website to offer the same services?
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mushonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It involves creating an Interactive Application that runs on your site, which means two things:
1. you need a server under your control with the power to run applications (not a freeware homepage, but a serious server).
2. you need to know how to program (or get yourself a guy who knows), understanding graphics programming is essentiall of course. you have to create this application, there is not yet (to my knowledge) an off the shelf product to do this.
3. you have to set up the page on the Internet.

Hope this helps
Moshe Eshel
MistrPCAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
1) What type of server.
2) You know programming? / or / can you spend cash :)
3) If NT, write an ActiveX component that will create the graphic for you.

Hey mushon,

Basically what I said huh?
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