A screen dumping problem ..

Suppose someone has logged on to a m/c. He is accessing the
net. How can I have a dump of his/her screen ? Have I to
know his/her m/c no. or whatever .... please suggest.
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parsaaliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first  login to the same server and do
$ finger
 see the person userid and check the TTY if there is a   *  you cannot do that. Because user put off accept messages
If is not there than can use
tcpdump  2>/dev/tty #
Knowledge_GroupAuthor Commented:
Please, answer my question as early as possible  ...
read man pages for tcpdump
Knowledge_GroupAuthor Commented:
Dear Expert, will u please tell me what kind of o/p should
I get ? If the person accesses the Internet using a browser
in a screen then can I view what he is doing in the screen
from a different m/c using some utility ?
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