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I have made modifications to the two locations which I use: Office and Internet. When I'm at the office, I use the database at the server. When I'm home, I use the local mail file, and I use replication to keep them updated.

For my Internet location, I've defined an private e-mail account. The problem is this: When I use the Office-location, and will replicate / update the mail-files, the replicator also tries to retrieve mail from my private e-mail account. I presumed that this retrival should only happen when I used the Internet-location and not while replicating my mail-files (Office-location)?

I have a workaround which I use; I use the "Replicate with options" and replicate only when needed.
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PaebdbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know you "workaround" is the right way of doing it.
On the replication workspace, all email accounts and replicated databases are shown, if you press "Send & Receive mail", Notes tries to get the mail for all databases, the same applies to replication.
If you have, as in your case, an external mail file, I think your workaround is the correct way of doing it.
Hi Paebdb, I was wondering when u were going to answer this!:)) I didnt answer it hoping u will...its just a way of saying thanx to the earlier points.  And Riegsa, u can also check the the mail u want to receive from in the replicator page, then hit start.
Well, thanx then ghassan99, I wondered already that you were not present.
Why it took so long for me? Some people also have to do some work sometimes :)

riegsaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, both of you!
Do you know if its possible to customize the text on the entries in the replicator page?
(Receive Internet mail --> Receive mail from
I dont think so, this text is retrieved from whatever u set in your location doc, if u set it to a name instead of an IP it will use that.
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