Dual Boot Up on 2 HD's

I have a PC with a primary 1.6GB HD with Win98 on Drive C: and recently installed a secondary 8.4GB HD that is partioned to D and E drives. I want to put Win95 on either D or E. How can I setup a dual boot system that will enable me to choose which drive I want to access at start up?
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I don't understand what you want to do.  You already have Win98.  What do you want do dual boot with?  Where do you want to put it?
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Edited text of question.
Why bother with WIn95 if you have Win98???  If you must dual-boot, use Norton System Commander.  PartitionMagic also has a dual-boot feature, but it is buggier.
System Commander (SC) cannot on your case to dual boot.Becasue SC make the daul boot on as hard driver, cannot over control 2 hard driver.
Why daul boot Win 95 & Win 98 ? But I know the answer for dual boot.
Example, Win98 pre-install 1.6G, and re-install Win95 into 8.4G.
Under BIOS, choice boot from select driver.
If 1.6G setup to master 8.4G setup to slave, BIOS set to 1.6G label C: 8.4G label D:.
Everytimes you need to boot Win95, the the bios setup A: C:,then computer boot first at driver a then driver c, on this computer run on win95.
if need to boot Win98, change bios setup D: A:, computer boot first at driver d then driver a, on this computer run on Win98.

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The file that points to the C:\windows is under the msdos.sys on the root directory.
I did the same thing you did with C: Win95 and D: Win98 and E:another win95
1. Use Attrib msdos.sys -s -r -h -a to enable you to change the parameters.
2. copy msdos.sys to msdos.c95
3. Optional: Ren c:\windows\win.com to c:\windows\win.95
4. Install Win98 and change the default directory to D:\windows
5. After installation, attrib msdos.sys -s -h -r -a
6. copy msdos.sys to msdos.d98
7. change back c:\windows\win.95 to c:\windows\win.com
8. create a batch file : copy con chng295.bat (enter)
    del msdos.sys
    copy msdos.c95 msdos.sys
9. ctrl Z to create the file. Then you can create a shortcut to this file on your desktop.  
10. when you run the batch file. and then reboot. you will now startup on the win95 on the C:
11 create a batch file: copy con chng298.bat (enter) on the C:
    del msdos.sys
    copy msdos.c98 msdos.sys
     ctrlZ to create the file.
12. create a shortcut to this batch file on your desktop. run the batchfile and when you reboot you will now be on Win98.

The program files directory as well as the windows directory will reside on the drive you designate so you will have to program files dirs and 2 windows directory, one on C: and one on D:. If you edit the msdos.sys, you will see the pointers to c:\windows. You can edit this too to have multiple O/S under a single partition but may have to share the Program Files directory. There are several sharewares available too like bootmanager and bootmenu but this seems to do the trick and it's free. Good Luck and hope this helps.

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