How does the points system work for this bloody page ????
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will notice that since I posted an anser, you should have the option of accepting, rejecting, or asking for further comments.  At this point you may only delete the question by posting a request (for 0 points) in the Customer Service question or send an e-mail to linda@experts-exchange.com  You may also increase the points, but not decrease them.  If you accept the answer you assign a grade.  The grade does not affect the number of points subtracted from your account but acts as a multiplier for the points deposited in my experts account.

If you "accept" an answer, your question is saved as
a PAQ (Previously Asked/Answered Question),
The point-value is reduced to 10% of the original.
Anybody can read your "question" for free,
but reading the answer costs "question-points".

So, it may be "cheaper" to scan the PAQs
for a question which may be similar to your problem,
than it is to post your own question.
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