Good advertising company?

I don't know I this is the right area to ask such a question but I try anyway.

I have a company homepage and I'd like to have a banner on my page. Does anyone know what serious advertising company that is the best, gives most money per impression, good payment system etc ?
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mushonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You might want to try:

both these sites are proffesional ad agencies which offer you different packages for your needs (pay per click, pay by commision etc.).

These companies are both very serious, the pay is good and the payment reaches you. I would suggest that if you site doesn't get too much traffic don't do it because the pay is never too high, and the site would look better if you don't have the banner - consider the pros and cons and visit those sites it will help!

Hope this helps

Moshe Eshel
I have a friend who is a designer with an advertising firm...
have experience in the web industry as well as advertising industry..

if u are interested to find out... send me an email..
I will refer u to him and u can just chat with him if he
fits the 'bill'

sunemangsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for answering, but it’s not what I am looking for (bad subject line, I know :). There are specialized Web Companies that offer money for showing their banner on your home page. I wound like to know if there are any general opinions of which one is the best.
In other words, you think you can actually get enough traffic to MAKE MONEY off your web page, right?

I refer you the THE source on Internet advertisements to webmasters...

He rates each and every one... Some are quite scam...

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