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I'm taken with the idea of starting my own small and low budget ISP, please tell me if I've got the right idea.  From what I've read so far, I need modem's, then some sort of multi i/o cards to connect to a Linux server, and then the linux server is on a LAN with a router (which I believe you can use an old linux PC for) which actually connects to the internet backbone.  I can probably afford all these things (if I'm correct) but I'm unsure of where the software for such comes from.  I found a linux router but what software do you need for the other server, to handle dialin access, and all that stuff, or is this already built into linux already? Is there a decent resource on the net which would show somebody the way to do all this?  Or is there a software product you should buy to do this already?

I'm sure lots of people have had to go through this.

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stefanxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In general, I'd haul out the money for a small CISCO router such as a 1005 or a 1601 rather than letting Linux handle the routing. As for the dialups, webs and mail server, sure, you can easily use Linux for this. There is quite a bit of software out there to handle the dialups, but the one I found the most useful is one called mgetty.

You may also want to check out which is an ISP that does exactly what you want to do. They have a nice collection of tips for using Linux in an ISP environment.

My personal opinion : It's very cool to run your own little ISP, but, depending where in the world you are, I honestly don't think it's profitable. The trend for dialup is to move into the realms of being a free service and customers phoning you in the middle of the night with modem and telephone hassles is no fun. On the other hand, this does give you control over domains and webservers which I think is a lot more lucrative.
brownsoftAuthor Commented:
Thanks heaps.

Very helpful
There are a lot of places on the internet that introduce you to becoming an isp. There are also a LOT of options and decisions you have to make considering the area that you are setting up in. For a detailed introduction goto...

I found this link useful:

or goto
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