Send Alpha/Numeric Data to Pager?

I know how to dial a phone number from within VB.  Anyone have a general clue if there is a way to send alpha/numeric data (say from a textbox) to a pager once connected?

I'll raise points to a good level for any sort of coded answer..
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Wendell072699Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know, though dial up, there is no way to send alpha text with just numeric keystrokes.  What I have done is via an email system.  Add the Microsoft MAPI Controls to a form, and connect to it.  As far as I know, all paging companies that offer alpha-numeric offer an email address for your pager to send alpha pages to.  

Say you made a form called frmEmail.  On that form, you put a MAPISession control, and a MAPIMessage control.  I used MSOutlook to connect.

                With frmEmail
                .MAPISess.Action = 1  'Log on
                .MAPIMess.SessionID = .MAPISess.SessionID
                .MAPIMess.MsgSubject = "The Subject"
                .MAPIMess.MsgNoteText = "The Body of message"
                .MAPIMess.RecipAddress = ""
                .MAPIMess.Action = 13 'Check Name
                .MAPIMess.Action = 3  'Send message
                .MAPISess.Action = 2  'Log off
                End With

You can look up the different action codes to see what each one does.  

Let me know if this helps.
I think theres a way, if u use the mscomm control and dial ur pager Number, u can use the mscomm control to senddata thru the modem to ur pager

use the mscomm control, thatll be the way to do it
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