Basic DCOM Question.

I"m starting to work with dcom so i took from the msdn "com sample
tutorial" for the distant server.

I"ve made sure that on both computer the two RPC services runs.
i"ve given myself (the launching user) every available permission on the
i"ve set the authentication level to none for the server application.

when i call CoGetClassObject i get an error which translates to "The RPC
server is unavailable"

what am i missing ?

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arikkaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. I suppouse your DCOM server is out of proc server or
   in-proc, which is running under MTS or DllSurrogate

2. If so, your problem is in server registration:
(client machine)
     {CLSID}       -------------- AppID  

     AppID = {CLSID}

Use dcomcnfg.exe utility !

(server machine)
 in case of EXE: register server in regular way - run it
                 with registration command line  
 in case of DLL: register it with regsvr32
                 add to registry :

        DllSurogate = "DllHost"

There can be lots of reason for this error message (lots of them unrelated to the RPCSS itself). Are you able to sart the object 'locally' on the remote machine?
Are you logged in on both machines ? Do you all DLLs that your server requires either in the same directory as the executable, or on the PATH ? Have you registered the server properly ?
Did you Register the Proxy/Stub DLL on the client machine ?
hedAuthor Commented:
My user is logged in on both the machines.
i can start the server if i do it locally on both the server and the client machines.
my server does not require any dll's. ( it's a sample i"m trying to run )
still i get the "RPC Server is unavailable"
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