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I'm running named from linux RH 5.2 ver 8.2.1. It works for the local domain. How do I set it up to look at our ISP name server for stuff thats not local. I looks like if I add a 2nd nameserver line in resolv.conf it has no effect. But only ISP's nameserver line will make it work out side, Then local won't resolve.

Any Ideas
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stefanxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Basically you need to set your DNS Server up as a primary for your local domain. You also need to refer it to your named.cache file for all other requests or set your ISP's name server as a forwarder for requests.

I don't have a linux machine right here to check the exact syntax, but basically, your /etc/named.conf should look more or less as follows:

options {
      directory "/var/named";
      forwarders {;};

zone "local.com" in {type master; file "db.local.com";};
zone "." in {type hint;      file "named.cache";};

What this means is that all your zone files will be stored in /var/named. For your setup these files are named.cache and db.local.com. The forwarders option tells your named server which other DNS servers it should use for forwarding queries to (only for queries that it is not the primary for)
I put this at, you need to enter your ISP's DNS Server here (IP obviously)

The named.cache is the file that contains the details of the root domain name servers. This should have shipped with bind. If you read the file it will also tell you where to download the latest version of the file. This file is not really needed in your setup since you are using a forwarder, nevertheless, it is a good thing to have especially if your ISP's DNS Server goes down.
dpdrAuthor Commented:
That worked like a charm.  
Thanks very much  

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