what is the difference between a pentium 2 400mhz
and an    "         "          " celeron 400mhz
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mstaffordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not much.  In fact, a Celeron is classified as a PII.  The Celeron, however, has a smaller L2 cache (like RAM right on the processor.)  The difference is pretty much negligible because the cache on the Celeron runs at full speed, where the cache on the PII runs at half speed.  (Don't ask me why.)  Basically, the Celeron will perform a little bit shy of the full-blown PII counterpart, but considering the cost difference, I'd recommend the Celeron.

Celerons also come in two form factors.  PPGA (Socket 370) and Slot 1, like a PII.  I am using a PPGA Celeron with a Slot 1 converter (makes the motherboard think the Celeron is a PII) in a MSI MS-6163, a PII board.  Let me know if you need to know anything else.
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