Read binary digits into memory

I previously (under a different name) how to read the binary digits from a file and write them to a ascii text file in either binary or hex, but now i am wondering if there is a way to read them into an integer in memory as a decimal number.
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deightonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the following function to change base 2 to base 10

  Dim iInt As Integer

  iInt = Val(nTOm(Text5, 2, 10))

Private Function nTOm(sX As String, n As Integer, m As Integer)

    'works for number bases 2 to 16
    Dim lNumber As Long
    Dim c As Integer
    Dim sAtom As String
    Dim lVal As Long
    Dim x As Long
    For c = Len(sX) To 1 Step -1
        sAtom = UCase(Mid(sX, c, 1))
        If n > 10 Then
            If sAtom >= "A" And sAtom <= "F" Then
                lVal = Asc(sAtom) - Asc("A") + 10
                lVal = CLng(sAtom)
            End If
            lVal = CLng(sAtom)
        End If
        lNumber = lNumber + lVal * n ^ x
        x = x + 1
    nTOm = ""
    While lNumber > 0
        x = lNumber Mod m
        If x < 10 Then
            sAtom = CStr(x)
            sAtom = Chr(Asc("A") + x - 10)
        End If
        nTOm = sAtom + nTOm
        lNumber = lNumber \ m
    If nTOm = "" Then nTOm = "0"
End Function

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