Using ICQ through an IP Masqueraded Network

I have been using Linux for a while now, and recently upgraded my RedHat 5.1 box to use the Linux 2.2.9 Kernel.  While the installation itself was fairly tedious (upgrading many a library) and certain apps did not install correctly (nightmare with /bin/login and mgetty disappearing) I managed to get everything up and running again.  

Except, for one little thing.  I can't seem to force all connections made to TCP ports 3500-3999 to go to a workstation int he Internal network.   Even though I believe that I have added the correct entries into ipchains to make everything work.  Below are the entries to ipchains:

ipchains -A forward -p TCP -i eth0 -d 3500:3999
ipchains -A forward -p TCP -i eth0 -d 4500:4999

And below are the listed entries once entered (ipchains -L forward):
target prot opt   source    destination  ports
-    tcp  ------  anywhere  haven   any ->   3500:3999
-    tcp  ------  anywhere  cadrinr any ->   4500:4999

I attempted to roughly setup the lines.   Does anyone have experience with this?   Mind you it's not all that important, however file transfers are always useful.  

I do know of a module for the Kernel.  However it is not compatible with ICQ99a to ICQ99a which is what we use here on the workstations.
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devoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest you to use LICQ rather than ICQ because as far as I know there in no such problem with LICQ... :) (Hopefully...)

Site is

Also as far as I know it is more stable than ICQ java...
To force connections to be forwarded i think you have to use ipmasqadm
or something like that... (mabe redir or uredir)
mfosterAuthor Commented:
The ICQ Module is not effective when you use two ICQ99a clients.   Unfortunately we have windows boxes in the internal network, making this useless.

However ipmasqadm seems to be quite promissing, as it works in the same way that ipautofw did on the 2.0.36 kernel.   I have installed the program and will try it out shortly, however I need another (ICQ user) to test the file transfers on.  
mfosterAuthor Commented:
Actually LICQ is not something that works as well as ICQ99A and ICQ99B which are windows Native...  Both of the workstations use Windows, and the server uses mICQ since it does not run X11.   Seems that  ipmasqadm was the right choice, it works fine, if you can get it to compile.

I personally found GNOME ICQ to work much better.   It supports a higher protocol, and had no problems with the firewall.  LICQ  did however, which was a major problem.
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