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Is there a way to sort a column that contains "numbers" with more than one decimal?  I'm trying to sort numbers from an outline such as:

1.0  1.12  1.12.1  2.12  2.1.13

It seems that Excel recognizes numbersd as one decimal and doesn't have the ability to sort numbers from an outline format.  Is that correct?

I have moved the data into Microsoft Word and am trying to sort that data in a table.  It seems to be getting closer to the correct results.

Thanks for any suggestions!!
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is considered as a string when u add more than one decimal (.) point in Excel, what I suggest u do is add preceding 0's eg.  002.1.1, and for number that has one decimal point u can add an extra point 002.1. or just add a 0 eg.  002.1.0.  It will work in Word easily without extra point for one point outlines, but u have to preced it with extra 0's for it to sort logically, coz this is not considred as a number to the system its plain text, so 12.2.1 will come before 2.2.3 for example, but 012.2.1 will come after 002.2.1
It will work normally in Word!! just put each outline in a separate row then select the whole column and click sort!
lduningAuthor Commented:
Sounds like my suggestion of moving the data to Word is the best option.  Thanks.
no not necessarily...coz excel assumes integers or numbers for its cells....when u enter one point it will assume its an integer while Word wont do that...the only difference is being forced to add an extra deciaml point in Excel so it wont be mistaken with a number or an integer.
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