simple one (?) height of a text row

Does anyone know a way to determine the height of a text row?
I mean, I have a long text in a table cell (wrapping text) and I want to control the space between the lines. In other words, the height of the line (NOT dipending on the height of the text)

any help will be welcomed
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davlun20080Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If it helps, style sheets are supported in a limited fashion by ie30 (without doing my research, one of the 30 browsers works with ss, I think it is ie) so if it matters I will try to find out which one.  Sorry my experience is really withh ie40.

Since there is so little control over much of 3.0 browsers, perhaps a simple page could be used for 3.0 browsers and the better, enhanced page for everyone else.

this should work put the text between <h1> and then setting the font size <font size="+1">Text</font></h1>. This would set the line to fit the header but the text would be the size of the font you set.  You can also try adding height to your td tag: <td height="100">. Another way I can think of is set each line in a different table row. One other idea is put a <br> after each line.  It is really hard to answer if I do not tottaly understand what you are trying to do or how the text is being entered either from a user input or during the page designing.
daganAuthor Commented:
the text is entered from outside (let's say from the user) I need to insert the text into a fixed-size table cell <td>
The height of the text is also a given parameter.
So, I write the text in the cell and need to "space" the  lines according to the text-height parameter. i.e. start the next line text-height points below the current one.
I am looking for a solution that won't force me to separate the text into different cells.
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I'm sorry I can't help, to my knowledge line spacing is set automatically by the font size.  What are you using to try to accomplish this. HTML, Java, javascript or Cgi?  I really do not fully understand what you are trying to do. What would be the purpose to have a set line spacing. Is it to align the text equally in the cell?
For level 4 browsers you can use style sheets to control the height of lines, separate from text.

Use something like:

style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 22pt; color: black"

in the <td> tag of your table.  Is this what you are looking for, or are you trying to figure out a way to find out what is already and then adjust your stuff to fit.  If the second, I do not know of a way.

daganAuthor Commented:
it's a customer demand, to have the lines spaced as he says!
at least, to be as close as possible.

you are right... I haven't thought about that option
my only problem mow is to find out if ny customer allows me to assume that DHTML is supported (level 4 browsers).
I am really afraid he won't.
Any way, you earned your points, send me an answer if you are interested...
<< If DHTML is not supported I'll display another question and you'll have a chance to earn some more.. >>
daganAuthor Commented:
there's no need, I can handle that research by myself
My customer Is aware to the fact that DHTML will improve the look of the page, and needs to answer me about that.
Well... we'll see about that.

              good day
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