How do you print file structure?

Posted on 1999-07-27
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Last Modified: 2010-04-04
How do you print file structure in
Delphi 3?  I notice that the desktop
database utility doesn't have a print
file structure feature.

Anybody have any idea?????
Question by:waipahu

Expert Comment

ID: 1391440
Hi waipahi,

I don't really understand what you want to do. I guess you think of the standard variable type "file" you can assign an external file. What's the meaning of "print" in this relationship? What result do you aim to?



Author Comment

ID: 1391441
I want to print the file structure for documentation.

Or If i can cut and past the layout and bring it
into MS word.


Author Comment

ID: 1391442
Need to print the file structure:
For instance: customer info layout

1. name     C 10
2. phone    C 7
3. address  C 35

etc etc..
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Expert Comment

ID: 1391443
It seems you don't want to print a file's structure (as this wouldn't make any sense) but to print the content of a table, right?

If this is so then you have several opportunities. You could use QickReports or import the data to Excel.

Ciao, Mike

Author Comment

ID: 1391444
Yes I do want to print the file structure. You know the layout description of
each field and the data type. This is needed for documentation. I don't
want to print the data in the file. I want to print the file structure.

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Expert Comment

ID: 1391445
Aha, now I understand what you want (and learned that my previous comment were wrong). It's a kind of extracting meta data from a database. Your description of extracting the structure of a file confused me as you really want to exctract the structure of a database/table, right?

Well, in this case I'd suggest to open the table in Delphi and use the Fields property. For each field you get its type and can convert it into a desctiptive string, along with its position in the table.

Does this help?

Ciao, Mike

Accepted Solution

kjteng earned 40 total points
ID: 1391446
The following code shows a way to save the dbstructure to
an abc.txt file. Tested on d1 and d3.
Modify for youself if necessary:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var ii: Longint; s: string; sl: TStringlist;
  sl := TStringList.Create;
  with Table1.FieldDefs do
  for ii := 0 to Count -1 do begin
    s := IntToStr(Items[ii].FieldNo) +': ' + Items[ii].Name;
    case Items[ii].DataType of
      ftUnknown : s := s + ',' + 'Unknown';
      ftString  : s := s + ',' + 'String';
      ftSmallint: s := s + ',' + 'Smallint';
      ftInteger  : s := s + ',' + 'Integer';
      ftWord : s := s + ',' + 'Word';
      ftBoolean  : s := s + ',' + 'Boolean';
      ftFloat : s := s + ',' + 'Float';
      ftCurrency : s := s + ',' + 'Currency';
      ftBCD : s := s + ',' + 'BCD';
      ftDate : s := s + ',' + 'Date';
      ftTime : s := s + ',' + 'Time';
      ftDateTime : s := s + ',' + 'DateTime';
      ftBytes : s := s + ',' + 'Bytes';
      ftVarBytes : s := s + ',' + 'VarBytes';
      ftBlob : s := s + ',' + 'Blob';
      ftMemo : s := s + ',' + 'Memo';
      ftGraphic : s := s + ',' + 'Graphic';
      else s := s + ',' + 'Unknown';
    s := s + ',' + IntToStr(Items[ii].Size);
  end; {for}


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