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I have the newest version of Samba installed, and it works fine, my PCs can see the linux box (2.2.6 by the way)... Is there a way for the Linux box to map a drive that's shared on a Win98 box? The BIOS on my linux box cannot handle my new 13gig drive, and I want to store images for a new website I am creating on that drive, so the Linux box/apache server needs access to that drive... can I map a directory to the Win98 share? I know I can use smbclient as a ftp-like client, but the web server needs to do this by itself...

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chytraceConnect With a Mentor Commented:

          try smbmount command to mount the drive under Linux. For example if you
have shared disk d: as D$ then:

 smbmount //hostname/D\$ /mnt -U username  -D domain

which will mount windows shared disk d: as smbfs volume /mnt on your Linux box
using username in the given domain.

To umount use:

 smbumount /mnt

This works for me on RedHat 5.1 even when samba daemons are not running.

Hope this helps


edskeeAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks!
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