Cookie In and Out

This is a 2 part question.
1. How do I write the date into a cookie by the name of my choice.
2. How do I read that cookie and check to see if the date maches todays date and if not, how do I redirect the user.
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outcastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This a sample using VBscript:

  'read data from cookies, if none or cookies be closed,
  'return ""
  MyDate = Request.Cookies("MyDate")
  'check the data
  IF MyDateD <> "Yes" Then

    'write data into cookies
    Response.Cookies("MyDate") = Date
    Response.Cookies("MyDate").Expires = Date + 30
  End If
check your netscape's profile directory. there is a file coockies.txt which you can edit.
warnickAuthor Commented:
I know that there are cookies on my computer, but that does not tell me the answer to my question, how do I write in and out of them. I also use IE5 not netscape.
how do you want this do be done, client-side or server-side?
warnickAuthor Commented:
I think on the clients server.
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