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I need to design a program that will allow the use to control a tuner card (change channels, etc. puls display the tv screen in the delphi program)  I need to be pointed in the right direction on which tuner card should I get? What is the best way to get to its and control its signal.  
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please see my comment
is that what you need?
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You can use the ATI Tv Tunner. It has good acceptance by the market, has its kind of SDK, and you can find tons of examples on programming it.


this page may be of help: 

or this component(freeware) 

(6,467 bytes) TWinTV displays live video and captures still frames from any Hauppauge WinTV card or compatible. It allows control of brightness, contrast, volume etc. and can be used at design time.  The source can be obtained by sending a screen grab of your favourite TV program to

Regards Barry
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