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Looking at characters in a string

I am working on a program that reads an .ini file.  My .ini file looks something like this

I know how to read this into a variable, but I don't know how search for specific character.  I want to beable to search for the = sign, and when it comes across the = sign it will then get everything to the right of it.   I hope I explained this right.  I look all through the MSDN and could find anything on this....Thanks  

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This might work for you:

  Dim sOriginal As String
  Dim sRightSide As String
  Dim iEqualsPosition As Integer
  sOriginal = "BitRate=5333333"
  iEqualsPosition = InStr(sOriginal, "=")
  If (iEqualsPosition > 0) Then
      sRightSide = Mid(sOriginal, iEqualsPosition + 1)
      MsgBox "Couldn't find an equals to split on"
  End If

Also, there are WinAPI functions to retrieve data from an INI file, if you don't want to write your own.  I can't find a VB example offhand, but try looking for GetPrivateProfileString in WinAPI documentation.
strongdAuthor Commented:
This will work.....thanks

strongdAuthor Commented:
This will work.....thanks

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