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DDE - How to send data to WinWord

I am using VB3.  How can I, using DDE, send data that is printed on a form (not a control or text box) or that is in the clipboard to Microsoft Word?  If Word is not running I want the program to open it up automatically.  Can you recommend any detailed documents to look at on the net?
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Hi rway

just reusing my own PAQ

and the answer there

If you use a version sooner then Word 97  then you use

Dim oWord As Object

Set oWord = CreateObject(Word.Basic)
oWord.Visible = True
Set oWordDoc = oWord.NewDocument

then with the oWordDoc you can do what you want

If you use Word 97 or later it should be

Dim oWord As Object

Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application.8")
oWord.Visible = True
Set oWordDoc = oWord.Documents.Add

then with the oWordDoc you can do what you want

Better browse through the helpfiles of the word version you got especially the VBA helps files all the obects are clearly described in there.

Also look at this site

www.search.microsoft.com and search for automation and VB

if you want I shall come up with a list on DDE and Office communication



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