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I am "VB Programmer".But i don't know how to use ASP.Explain with some simple example with coding how i can use ASP in my "Visual Basic" ?
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ASP isn't really something you use in Visual Basic.  It's more of a method of making web pages dynamic.

It does this by allowing you to use code to (for example) make a data connection and populate a web page with data from a database or change the html code in the web page based on a user response.

Currently you can use VBScript, JavaScript/JScript, or PERL as your ASP scripting language.

The difference between using VBScript (for example) in ASP and just using it independantly is that by itself, VBScript runs on the client side and is restricted to client side functionality.

Whereas in the context of ASP, your VBScript code will run on the server before the page is served up.

Mechanically, you write ASP code by using html like tags.

The ASP code is surrounded by <% and %>

The following sample code gets information from a database using odbc and displays it in a web page.

<%@ language="vbscript" %>

set ConnObj = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
set RstObj = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

ConnObj.open "MyDSN"

strSQL = "select id, deptname from department"

RstObj.Open strSQL, ConnObj,adOpenKeySet,,adCmdTable

<H2>Please select the department budget to view.</H2><br>
<FORM NAME="TEST" ACTION="display.asp" method="post">
<SELECT name="deptno">


do until RstObj.EOF
      response.write("<option value=" & RstObj("id") & ">" & RstObj("deptname"))

<input type="submit" value="View Budget">


Hopefully this will give you a rudimentary understanding.

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