R5, Pop3 mail confiquration.


I need to confiqure pop3 mail in R5 server.

I want the following setup.

1. Need to confiqure dialup modem. (the server should dial through modem every for every 10 mts)
2. My mail id should be like username@company.com.
3. My pop3 setup should communicate to all mail system  and able to receive and send mails to all domains.

Thanks in advance,
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ArunkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No Antony !

POP3 domino server configuration is to enable your domino server for pop3 service and not as you think.  When you enable your domino server for pop3 then you can use any software to access this server for mails.  For example netscape can be configured to pull your mail from domino server.

your company.com must run a domino server for you to configure the setup you want to do.  If that server does not run on domino server then you cant do that.  

More over The client pop3 configuration is only to pull the mail of individual users from a pop3 server.  That is the client can access any pop3 server or a domino server to pull the mails.

You can send mails using client to the internet directly by connecting to your ISP.

If you want to configure your server for the users to send mails to the internet then you'll have to configure your domino server for the SMTP.

And while doing this the internet short name in the person document may be entered as name@yourcompany.com so that the mails can be routed to your domain.

USE third party software like ispgate to pull all your mails in your company.com to the notes users.

More details in person or via telephone

Why dont you make a call to India Software Group @
extension - 149

Expecting your call man !

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