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Have 2-computers one with 28K modem and the other is 56K. Now want to run internet and other dial-up applications from both the computers SIMULTANEOUSLY. To get the maximum speed from the modems:
1. Should I use only 56K for both the computers and use something like WinGate???(Where can I get a free version of WinGate or some other program to serve the purpose)???
2. Should I use both the modems for each machine?? In that case how can 56K use the internet when its being used by the 28K.

Can anyone help me.
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1 Solution
Yes network the two computers together and install a program called:
WINPROXy and use the 56 K modem from the computer it is installed
in.  Winproxy will let both your computers access the internet via the one 56K
modem simultanously.

You should remove the 28K modem from its' computer, before networking
the two computers together and before installing winproxy.

If you do not fancy a software solution to thsi problem there are devices sold
by  BLACK BOX and others that let you connect the one modem to both
computers through a hardware splitter so that both computers can access
the internet through the one modem.

Diamond multimedia also make a dual 56k modem that uses 2 phone lines
simultaneously to get you around a 100k connection to a good ISP with
plenty of capacity that can be used with WINPROXY software to allow
2 or more computers to be on the internet at high speed.
debbie790Author Commented:
The computers are already networked so removing 28K cannot be done here. What to do now???? Where can I get WinProxy??? And is it free???
If they are already networked with a network card in each and a hub, or even if they are networked by coax, there is NO Reason why the 28K modem cannot be
removed.  If they are netwoked via a dial-up connection with 2 different phone
lines, then your problem is solved. If they are networked via a dial up connection
each one has to have its' own phone line.

But if they are networked in the conventional sense(LAN - ethernet - token ring.
etc.) then removing the 28K modem is possible, and should be done if both are
to share the same phone line, and connect via WINPROXY or by Black Box's
hardware splitter.

Winproxy is not free, it has been my experience that NO free software will
do a reliable job on a system like what you wish to set up. To do this properly
you will have to be prepared to spend a little money.

Winproxy can be purchased from Microwarehouse, CDW, or Black Box, and
if you search the internet, there are many other dealers selling this software.
Winproxy is now alos available at CompUSA and BestBuy
plus if you go to their web site: http://www2.winproxy.com/

you can download a FREE 30 day trial version.

We use Winproxy at work and it is a fantastic product.
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